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Whether you need the management of your WiFi networks in The Cloud, in house using controllers on your own premises or even a mixture of the two, Evolution Systems and Ruckus can meet your requirements.

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Primary Education

The classroom of tomorrow promises an amazing education. Blended learning, flipped classrooms, digital curriculum and other modern learning models can better engage students and help educators be more effective. But they also create new challenges for schools and their overtaxed IT teams.

Higher Education

Your students view WiFi as a standard utility in the classroom, and especially the residence hall—as basic as electricity or running water. Accessing high-bandwidth video services, gaming, class materials and social applications is a big part of engaging in campus life.

Small-Medium Business

Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) need fast, reliable WiFi just as much as large enterprises. What they don’t need are enterprise-scale costs and complexity.

Ruckus Access Points

Ruckus offers a large range of access points to cover your very specific needs: from indoor to outdoor and mesh access points, from the most affordable to the very latest of the technology.