Energy and Power

Evolution Systems has the expertise and knowledge to plan, design and build complete automation solutions including wired and wireless telecom infrastructure. We deliver required end-to-end Power Systems Automation services for both Power Transmission and Power Distribution companies to interlink distributed generation, power assets, substations, power plants and control centres. We operate a modern, in-house testing facility, giving us complete control of all aspects of design, testing, commissioning, maintenance and training.

Evolution Systems has significant experience in supporting utility sector organisations from 11kV to 400kV systems, helping them to ensure Automation and Communication systems are running efficiently. Our in-house team have design, test, installation and commissioning expertise in:

  • Protection and Control Systems
  • Tele-protection Systems
  • Power Line Carrier
  • Wireless Comms Systems
  • Optical Comms (SDH, PDH, MPLS, IP)
  • Fibre Optic Systems (Overhead and underground)


Smart transportation systems require the use of critical communications for operation and control. Power systems automation and wideband services can be provided using noncritical communications.

Operational networks need deci-second punctuality, when the situation demands it, and redundancy to maintain connectivity in the face of critical faults, all whilst ensuring high bandwidth and low latency in day-to-day operations. Noncritical communications are used for payload, supplementary services and passenger services. In this case, we require broadband communications for supplementary services like high-definition video and data services of the passengers.

Evolution Systems has the expertise, knowledge and experience of Power Systems Automation as well as both Mission Critical and Infrastructure Communications to assess, design and build a complete solution for the transport industry. Our expertise to address the transport market includes:

  • Power Systems Automation
  • Transport networks (PDH, SDH, MPLS, DWDM, CWDM, Microwave).
  • Fibre Optic design, deployment and test
  • Outdoor/Indoor Wi-Fi mesh networks
  • Microwave / Land Mobile Radio/ Ethernet Radios.
  • Wired and wireless IP Networks
  • Operational and security CCTV
  • VoIP Systems
  • LTE network testing and commissioning
  • 5G (under development)

Industrial Customers

Industrial communication is the core element of running complex tasks like controlling machines and entire production lines, monitoring state-of-the-art transportation systems or managing power distribution. The digital transformation would also be impossible without powerful communication and automation solutions. Our engineers at Evolution Systems have in-depth experience of design and implementation of reliable, secure networking solutions for machines and plants.

Our professional planning and realization, coupled with using our in house build and test facilities, gives our customers full control to resolve integration and interfacing issues before the system goes live.

Our expertise covers the following industries:

  • Airports
  • Seaports
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing

Our technology expertise in these industries covers:

  • Power Systems Automation
  • Transport networks (PDH, SDH, MPLS, DWDM, CWDM, Microwave).
  • Fibre Optic design, deployment and test
  • Copper and Fibre optic structured cabling
  • Wired and wireless IP Mesh Networks
  • Monitoring and Control systems (SCADA & RTUs)
  • Operational and security CCTV
  • VoIP Systems