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Evolution Systems offers some of the best products and solutions for Power Systems Automation and Communication projects. To support our customer business Evolution Systems, have skills and expertise to design solutions to meet customer requirements based on the industry’s leaders in technology and can supply products with full engineering support manufactured by:

ERL Phase Products

Evolution Systems offers some of the best products, solutions and services for Protection and Automation projects. We are an authorised distributor for the products of the Canadian company ERLPhase Power Technologies(

ERLPhase Power Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 QMS certified manufacturer of digital fault recording solutions and protective relays. Disturbance recording solutions are multifunctional data acquisition systems designed to deal with the data recording requirements of transmission or distribution power substations. ERLPhase fast and reliable protection and control devices can provide reliable and accurate protection of power systems.

TESLA Recorders

Multi time-frame Perturbance Recorders with IEC 61850 protocol used for recording the dynamic fault process of the power system.

TESLA 4000 Recorder

The TESLA 4000 is a digital fault recorder. It has advanced communication capabilities that is compatible to most of Substation IEDs via multiple communication modes. It has easy-to-use settings and analysis software enabled with IEC 61850 protocol, together with powerful recording features and provides the most versatile and complete monitoring of power system health.

TESLA 4000-SV Recorders

The TESLA 4000-SV:

  • provides support for IEC 61850-9-2LE process bus Sampled Values and IEC 61850-8-1 station bus applications. It implements mapping according to IEC 61850 edition 2 logical nodes and data models.
  • subscribes sampled values streams from merging units
  • publishes and subscribes to GOOSE messages from protective relays and switchgear
  • supports direct streaming of MMS reports to remote clients, eliminating the need for RTUs.
  • supports the top-down or bottom-up engineering process defined in the IEC 61850-6 standard

Such flexibility permits standardization and interoperability of fault and disturbance recording solutions as the industry moves towards fully digital substations.

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TESLA 4000 Portable Recorder

The Tesla 4000 portable recorder is packaged in a rugged case with quick connect interfaces for fast and simple field connection. Interface cables that couple easily with a variety of measurement CT’s and voltage scaling devices are provided to offer complete flexibility for power utility and industrial use. It gives complete integrated insight of power system health and performance monitoring of substation IEDs and equipment.

TESLA Portable is useful in temporary sites under monitoring/testing purposes. TESLA Portable can accommodate current modules, voltage modules, dc isolation modules or split core CTs, which can mount up to 1200 meters from the recorder chassis. Suitable for temporary installation or short-term monitoring applications.

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I/O Expansion

The I/O Expansion is a stand-alone digital input/output expansion that supports 128 physical digital inputs (DIs), 15 output contacts, 128 subscription virtual channels for record triggering and 15 subscription virtual channels for output contact controls. The I/O Expansion uses IEC 61850 GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event) station bus (8-1) enabled protocol to publish and subscribe the binary input/output messages with ERL Devices and other IEDs supporting IEC 61850 GOOSE subscriptions.The I/O Expansion system consists primarily of the unit hardware and the TESLA Control Panel user interface software.

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Protection Relays

ERL offer fast and reliable protection and control devices which can provide reliable and accurate protection of power systems. The devices offer interfaces for station bus and process bus respectively and supports IEC 61850 communication.


S-PRO - Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay

L-PRO - Line Protection Relays

B-PRO - Bus Protection Relays

T-PRO - 2/3 Windings Transformer Protection Relays

F-PRO - Feeder Protection Relays